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From 5G to 6G – How can Europe sty ahead in the 6G race?

Unlike other areas of the digital economy, Europe is one of the leaders in the world’s telecommunications equipment market. Thanks to world class-companies such as Ericsson and Nokia, Europe has a strong voice when it comes to defining the future of mobile communications.

The new sixth generation of mobile telephony (6G) is already on the


Recovering with FWA and Fibre

The 2030 Digital Compass acknowledges the fact that Europe needs to be digitalised and to achieve its 4-point vision, all of them using the word digital: digital infrastructure, digital skills, digital businesses, and digital public services. Connectivity ranks among the key policy areas to deal with: all technologies (fixed, wireless, combination of fixed and mobile)


World FTTx markets – Key figures

Some key figures extracted from our observatory World FTTx markets – Markets at June 2021 and forecasts up to 2025.

The extract includes:

FTTH/B subscribers in China at December 2020
Ranking for European FTTH/B markets at June 2021
European ranking in terms of FTTH/B Homes passed
World FTTH/B subscriber forecasts by 2025<br


Fiber for a sustainable future

Global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have risen dramatically over the last three decades and are of major concern for our societies. Their malign environmental impact is pushing governments, enterprises, and civil society to reorganize and find cutting edge solutions to meet this challenge.


Optical Distribution Network (ODN)

The Optical Distribution Network (ODN) is a key segment of fiber-based networks, the ODN represent about 60% of the total cost needed for connecting a household to an FTTx network. It is therefore paramount for telecommunications operators to optimize ODN equipment features and internal resource use.

Based on recent work performed by IDATE DigiWorld, we

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